SALSA on1 classes

We offer Salsa classes (On1, LA-Style, Cross-Body Style) that vary from Beginner to Advanced levels. 


The series focuses on the fundamentals of salsa: basics, the first patterns, footwork, turns and technique, which includes proper posture, balance, and upper/lower body coordination. Leading / following technique, the first styling techniques.


2-3 months of regular classes are recommended to attend this course. This is geared towards students with a solid, comprehensive foundation in the basics. Here come more complex partner work, styling, spins, footwork... 


Congratulations for mastering all of the Salsa levels and for continuing and exploring your passion for Salsa dancing! With all the techniques under your belt, in our advanced classes we will encourage you to include even more advanced elements to your musicality, body movement isolations, spinning variations, improvisation in partner-work and footwork.