About Us

Benji Steves

Benji's dancing career began a long time ago, as his former boxing instructor took him to Dominican Republic and introduced him to the latin-american dances such as Salsa, Bachata and Merengue. Later on he discovered the angolan Kizomba and developed his skills together with other german "pioneers" at that time.


He has been dedicating himself to teaching, imparting his versatile knowledge to others and awakening fascination for the art of dance for many years. His concept includes teaching the basics precisely, attaching importance for the right techniques combining it with a lot of fun with the purpose of letting the students develop their own style based on the correct fundament. Furthermore he helps advanced dancers find new opportunities to come to the new level and broaden their skill spectrum. Apart from that, thanks to his creative mind he enjoys preparing shows and choreographies from beginners to the advanced level and is available for different kinds of performance and animation. Supporting joy in and feeling for music above all as well as pleasant leading constitutes a big part of his teaching strategy and results in a delightful, welcoming atmosphere in the class regardless of where the students come from - Benji speaks 3 languages fluently and is very open-hearted and internationally oriented.

Alina shiller

Alina started dancing in May 2018. Without any dancing background, she soon developed an incredible passion for Salsa and caught up at the same time with Bachata and Kizomba, dedicating her free time to practicing, social dancing and listening to the music. After she came from Russia to Germany in summer 2017, already mastering the English and German language fluently and knowing the basics of Italian she came to the idea to learn Spanish within her industrial management assistant trainee program in an international company and discovered, and shortly after fell in love with the Latin-American culture. She was lucky to find such a competent and reliable teacher as Benji who very soon inspired her to learn even more. At the moment, beyond her main focus she is applying her business and marketing skills directly assisting Benji in managing the school. Her language competencies and openness to different cultures brought the classes to the international level.